Breastfeeding after cutting lip and tongue ties

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Breastfeeding after cutting lip and tongue ties

Post by Froggirl » Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:14 am

Hi. Ds has had a tongue tie cut at four days old. After this was done we still had trouble feeding, using a nipple shield and had a bout of mastitis at 6 weeks old. He has finally at 13 weeks been diagnosed and treated for a 2nd tongue tie and a lip tie. The problem is that feeding has taken a step back to the beginning. It's very painful and ds won't stay on a deep latch. I want to keep breastfeeding but don't know if I can if this continues. I have seen a lactation nurse and her advice and comments weren't helpful. What I'm looking for I suppose is stories of people who have seen improvements and tips to get us to get there. I feel like this might be my last shot.

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Re: Breastfeeding after cutting lip and tongue ties

Post by Mummy woo! » Tue Mar 21, 2017 6:52 am

Hi Froggirl

I do know people who say it has taken their babies a little while to get the hang of a 'new' tongue.

In the meantime, can you call the Helpline for a chat - they can talk you through how you are feeling and help you make a plan - either to protect your supply to continue feeding while you resolve the attachment issues, or assist with weaning if that is what you decide to do. 13 weeks of painful feeding is enough to do anyone's head in, and noone here will judge you for deciding to stop or reduce feeding if that is your decision.

Was the lactation nurse a IBCLC certified lactation consultant? Anyone can call themselves a lactation nurse/consultant, but there is a formal qualification and IBCLCs are the gold standard. Of course all the quals in the world don't help if you didn't connect. I realise it is an additional expense - is it possible to see the same person or another LC again for a check up? LCs can offer support above what an ABA counsellor can offer.

Good luck however you decide to proceed. 13 weeks is a great gift to your LO - you have done well.
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Re: Breastfeeding after cutting lip and tongue ties

Post by ClOuD_NiNe » Sat Mar 25, 2017 6:06 pm

Well done for getting this far, that sounds rough.

DD2 had a TT and ULT lasered at a week old and then again at 5 weeks. It was a posterior TT and they didn't remove enough the first time. Things improved after the 2nd treatment but still weren't perfect (she was still clicking when she fed and my nipples were a bit sore) so I took her to a chiropractor. After a couple of treatments everything came right and the clicking stopped. By then she was about 12 weeks.

Then at around 4 months she started clicking again while feeding and seemed really tense in her neck. I took her to an osteopath that time (mostly because the chiro was an hour and a half drive away whereas the osteo was half an hour) and I'm really glad I did. The osteo said she was very tight through the front of her body and was holding a lot of tension in the front of her head. Over 3 sessions she released everything and things improved dramatically. She's now feeding well and 8 months.

I can highly recommend getting some bodywork done by someone that specialises in babies. The place that did the TT release may be able to recommend someone, or a local IBCLC who specialises in TT diagnosis may be able to. My IBCLC (TT specialist) said that often babies need bodywork after a TT release as the tie can make other parts of the body tight. Some babies also need work done after birth too anyway.
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