Exclusively Expressing Mums - are you out there?

Breastfeeding does not always work out, this is a place to discuss your situation and feelings
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Exclusively Expressing Mums - are you out there?

Post by Colleen » Thu May 08, 2014 12:59 pm

I am new to the ABA Forum and I am hoping that some of you out there might be in a similar situation to me. My baby girl was born 10 weeks ago. She is our third baby - we have two big boys at home as well. I successfully breastfed both the boys until after 12 months. But my little one has had trouble breastfeeding since she was born. No medical practitioner can explain it but she just cannot suck strong enough to sustain her latch to my breast and is unable to get a full feed from my breast. We have had weeks where she lost weight and weeks where she has stayed at the same weight - but overall she has not been gaining enough weight and we ended up being hosptialised to try and resolve the issues. I have been expressing for her since she was a couple of days old - initially to top her up but now I am exclusively expressing for every feed. I would love to hear from other mums about your experiences with Exclusively Expressing. Obviously it is a tedious task but one that I am hoping to continue for her as long as my sanity will allow it. Please send me a message if you too are EE or were EE. I would love to hear some words of encouragement from someone who is doing the same thing.

I am interested to hear -
How long did you/ are you EE for ?
How much do you feed your baby and at what age?
How often does your baby feed?
How many times per day do you express?

Thanks so much for reading my post.

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Re: Exclusively Expressing Mums - are you out there?

Post by Esther » Thu May 08, 2014 2:09 pm

Hi and welcome,

No personal experience here, but we do have a sticky for EE mums in our expressing and storing breastmilk section. I know several EE mums keep an eye on the thread for any"new arrivals".

Good luck.
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Re: Exclusively Expressing Mums - are you out there?

Post by JennyD » Thu May 08, 2014 9:46 pm

Hi Colleen if you hop over to the expressing and storing section, you'll find the exclusive expressing thread. I don't think there are any currently exclusively expressing, but those of us who have tend to keep an eye on the thread and check in on it. So you will find support there. That said, welcome to the forum, and well done for expressing. It really is a hard road to travel but well worth it. I found it was the worst of both worlds, but I would do it again if I had to. I expressed for DS2 for 26 months, and the link to my story is in my signature. Good luck

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Re: Exclusively Expressing Mums - are you out there?

Post by courtney226 » Fri Jun 26, 2015 10:36 am

Hi Colleen!!

Lovely to hear there's other people out there!! I'm committed to exclusively expressing and my baby girl has just turned 3 months. Your story sounds exactly like the troubles i've experienced, except for the hospitalisation part. That would've been terrible for you, it's the worse feeling having the milk there but they can't seem to suck strong enough to get it out.
I stopped trying to breastfeed at around 6 weeks, everyone said she would improve but she didn't and i couldn't keep breastfeeding plus expressing - i was losing too much sleep an sanity! So I've been exlusively expressing since.
The hardest part i've found is still having to get up in the night to express, I had supply issues at the start and i was told if i went longer than 6-7 hours my supply would drop :-( Bub has been sleeping through since 6 weeks (bless her!) but yeah it's tough still having to get up to express and hard to get back to sleep, so honestly I'm really trying to hang in there at the moment! It seems so tempting to stop.
In answer to your questions, I generally express after each feed or every 3-5 hours depending on our schedule. I do 3 hrs if my supply is dropping a bit. I express for 15 minutes with a dual hospital-grade pump and that's enough for her next feed, though some expresses are heaps lower and some heaps higher.
She was taking about 120mls per feed up until 11 weeks and we've noticed she's taking around 150mls more consistently now. Though some feeds she would only take 60mls, so i kept using the smaller bottles and really not sure if i should go up to the big ones or not because if she doesn't drink it that feed and i've warmed it up, then it's wasted! :-(
I had a friend who EE for 8 months. I can't see myself going past 6 months, unless i can drop the night express and it doesn't affect my milk much.
Love to hear how you're going with it :-)
And high fives to you sista! I think EE is incredibly hard because it's double the amount of work of just bottle or just breast, so we deserve massive back pats for committing to our babies.

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Re: Exclusively Expressing Mums - are you out there?

Post by Jenbt85 » Sun Jun 28, 2015 8:01 pm

You absolutely deserve massive pats on the backs, you're doing an amazing job.

I haven't exclusively expressed, but wanted to wish you luck :) Stick around and let us know how you both go.
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