Mothers food intake after weaning

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Mothers food intake after weaning

Post by A+D » Tue Dec 08, 2015 10:03 pm

I have finally gotten myself into gear to lose some of the weight I have been gaining since I got pregnant with dd2. She's nearly 2, have lost about 8kg in the last 4 months, probably could do with another 15 gone :shock: . But am feeling positive about doing it. Was just thinking though, am I going to have to noticibly reduce my calorie intake when dd2 weans? I suspect it may still be a really long time away, if we are together, she would have maybe half a dozen good feeds a day. I am not counting calories, actually just sticking to a fairly healthy diet, but my trainer mentioned to me at weigh in the other day that as I now weigh less, I need to reduce my intake.

Did anyone notice weight gain after their toddler weaned? I stopped ee-ing for my others at the 6-7 month mark, and found I lost weight after that, but I think that was because I had more time to focus on my health, and actually exercised and ate real meals! It would logically seem to me that there would be decreased energy expenditure once you are no longer making milk.
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