weaning help please

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weaning help please

Post by 4fun » Tue Apr 07, 2015 9:15 pm

this is probably going to be all over the place so bear with me please coz even though this is regardingmy 4th bubba I really need some help!
ok so dd2 is so not keen to wean at all, I really am hoping to have her weaned by about 18months, I just feel it's right for us, she will still be my longest fed by quite a few months. so firstly ideas on how to get her to agree haha,
she is having 4 feeds a day I still feed her overnight at times as she has had some colds and I i just wanted to help her and settle her easily. I plan to wean relatively slowly so drop a feed every 3-4weeks.
she has gone large stints of not being fed overnight and I have tried other settling methods but she just wants milk so they take forever. so that will be the first step.
being that she is one now I don't want to give her a bottle, I did try cows milk in a sipper one night but she barely had any of it and still took another hr to go back to sleep.

aside from this she is baby number 4 and I have never had mastitis until I managed to night wean her for one week.... it was horrible and I'd rather not repeat that. so any suggestions to help me avoid that again would be awesome.

thanks in advance everyone
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