To start solids or not... That is the question!

How, when and why to introduce foods other than breastmilk
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Re: To start solids or not... That is the question!

Post by Chel070 » Tue Mar 03, 2015 1:29 pm

I too have generally started solids a little earlier than 6 months, usually because its a fantastic way to entertain them during meals. There is a lot of fun to be had with food that isn't just eating- lots of squishing and throwing to get a hang of ;). I figure you can't really start too early with Blw because if they happen to be able to get it in their mouth and then into their stomach, well then, they're probably developmentally ready!
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Re: To start solids or not... That is the question!

Post by Nicwwjd » Tue Mar 17, 2015 1:33 pm

So lil miss has settled a lot since I last posted and sleep has all of a sudden become better too.
She has been staring me down whenever I eat and trying to get to my food and making a fuss because she wants in on this eating thing! It's super cute!!

So I'm feeling nervous about Blw.... So, to help me with ideas that work, what were the first foods (and in what form, how cooked etc) did you give your little ones? Not sure if it is my lack of knowledge or the control freak in me that isn't sure about this!! Not having control over IF food gets in the mouth, and the potential mess may be hindering me!! Lol!!
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Re: To start solids or not... That is the question!

Post by PellyintheWilderness » Tue Mar 17, 2015 2:46 pm

With veggies, the trick is to have a nice grabbable size, and to cook them until they are properly done but not mushy - you don't want little hard bits coming off in their mouths, but they shouldn't get pureed in the hand either.
Roast potato chunks, roasted or steamed carrots or parsnips cut into chunky sticks, lightly steamed courgettes (baby zucchini), whole green beans, broccoli florets... If you want to try meat, maybe chunks from the stew or longish pieces (not slices) of chicken etc. Mine loved lamb cutlets too. Roast dinners are brilliant.
And remember: gagging is not the same as choking.
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Re: To start solids or not... That is the question!

Post by Jenbt85 » Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:57 pm

I found the blw recipe book to be really handy. We started off with banana, avocado, melon, steamed (soft) zucchini, pumpkin, sweet potato etc.
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Re: To start solids or not... That is the question!

Post by Yankee » Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:59 pm

We did anything that wasn't crisp-hard and we cut small round things like grapes and cherry tomatoes in half. Having rice? Put a little pile on the high chair bench. Stir-fry? Leave a few pieces of veg in the pan long enough to get a bit soft and let Bub have a play. Cut a corner off your sandwich and let them go. Give them a slice of watermelon or a piece of banana or a whole ripe plum (just intercept to get the pit if they get close). One of DD's favourites was baked beans, it's great practice for pincher movement.

For meat you can either offer something they can mash with their gums (like mince) or a large piece of firmer meat they can suck and gum at but won't actually be able to get a chunk off (like a lamb chop or strip of steak).

Be prepared for coughing and spluttering and spitting out - that is all part of learning how to eat. They will have to learn those skills eventually, but the concept is that with BLW they learn the skills of manipulating and chewing food from the start, instead of learning to slurp purée without knowing how to chew.

As to the mess, put down newspaper or a drop cloth if you're worried. But eventually they're going to have to learn to feed themselves so it's going to get really messy sooner or later!
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