Have i gone too far with BLW

How, when and why to introduce foods other than breastmilk
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Have i gone too far with BLW

Post by adk » Thu Oct 16, 2014 10:45 am

So my little one has started solids, but started at 5 months 1 week (he is 5 months 3 weeks now) rather than 6 months as his breastfeeds had gone to every 1.5 hrs and it was doing my head in. He has taken to solids like a pro, and seems to want to eat what we are eating. He pretty much refuses baby food, and if it is mushy he wants to feed himself with a spoon, which is interesting at his age :lol: Because he wants our food, we have been giving him bits of veges from our plates and he eats them. But last night we were having cauliflower, lemon and feta pasta, and we gave him some of the cauliflower. He absolutely loved it, but i realized later it was covered in feta cheese which is really salty and probably not good for him. How careful should i be? We are clearly not adding salt per se, and he is not getting sweet foods other than fruit, but are there foods i should make sure he doesn't get to taste? He ate probably an 8th of his dad's cheese and tomato toasted sandwich the other day too. If i am introducing things others have found to be problematic or inappropriate, i would rather know now so i can be more careful. He hasn't had any adverse reactions and we have no history of allergy in the family anywhere.
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Re: Have i gone too far with BLW

Post by Mummy woo! » Thu Oct 16, 2014 11:04 am

Hi adk

I would keep an eye out for salty foods but not withold them altogether. So I'd let him have a cheese and tomato sandwich, or some ham, but not both IYKWIM?

Oobiwoo's favourite food was and still is olives - I just would only give him a few at a time, and not every day. I'm not aware of any guidelines on safe levels of salt for little ones, and it would be difficult to track because of all the hidden salt in foods anyway.

But I think in an otherwise healthy diet, with few processed foods, you should be fine just trusting your judgement.

Good luck and have fun!
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Re: Have i gone too far with BLW

Post by PellyintheWilderness » Thu Oct 16, 2014 12:48 pm

From memory (I've lent my copy out), the Baby-Led Weaning book says that salty cheeses like feta and parmesan, as well as things like olives and smallgoods, should be occasional foods - so probably OK once a week or so, not daily.
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If there's any reason to suspect kidney disfunction (family history, or ultrasound evidence), it would be wise to limit salt quite strictly. Otherwise common sense is probably a good guide.
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Re: Have i gone too far with BLW

Post by Yankee » Thu Oct 16, 2014 2:48 pm

Sounds like you made the best choice for your bub! I echo what others say - I wouldn't stress about it if a few salty things slip through on occasion. The only major no-nos are honey (botulism) and hard, crisp things that could break off (raw carrot/apple sticks, whole nuts). Round things like grapes and cherry toms cut in half.

Enjoy the self-feeding whilst you can, before he gets to the phase where you know he can feed himself but he doesn't want to and demands that you use the spoon. :roll:
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