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Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 5:21 pm
by Karen81
Bubs is 7 months and is on solids (3 x times a day, a bit less than 1/4 cup food each feed. She BF prob 4-5 times during the day including her 5.30pm feed before bed. She's in bed until 6-7am and during that time, feeds 3 times. So it might be 10pm, 1am, 4am. I'd like to drop the middle feed because I'm tired as and going back to work next week.

What do you think? Do you think she's too young? She eats and goes straight back to sleep. One of the feeds is a bit of a play feed but I leave her on until she goes back to sleep.

DD1 was 9.5 months when I night weaned her completely.

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 6:13 pm
by breastfeedingisnormal
HI Karen,
Every baby is different and it is totally understandable that you want to cut out one of the night feeds before you go back to work. But, now may not be the time to change her night time routine, since her daytime routine is about to change radically. I went back to work when my DS1 was 7 months old and (I know you don't want to hear this) he started waking more often when I went back to work. He wanted to make the most of the time he was with me.
You could give it a go and see how it works for DD but be ready to chuck it in if she gets upset by it.
good luck

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 6:50 pm
by Karen81
Thanks BIN. I remember my DD1 doing that now you mention it. The nights I worked she was a boobie machine! I'm going to give it a go and see how she responds. Even if I can get a few extra solid hours the days I'm at home and let her play catch up when I'm working.

I guess coz I fed DD1 for nearly 10 months overnight, I'd like to be able to do the same with this bubba. But things are very different for me this time around, I don't have the practical help I did last time so I'm super tired (probably said that last time).

Thanks again :)