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Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 12:41 pm
by AGS_4314
I'm in the process of slowly weaning my 2 years 3 month old. We tackled the night feeds a month or so ago and this is has gone well (Yay!) I've also cut right back on the spontaneous during the day feeds (you know the ones) and my daughter only has boobie on waking in the morning, before nap and before night sleep. I'm thinking of trying to take away the pre-bedtime boobie but the tricky part about this is that she actually still feeds to sleep. I thought we had some success recently when she asked to go in her cot for a couple of nights after a bf and fell asleep in there (This was huge for us!!!). But now she refuses and just wants to keep feeding to sleep.

I have this worry that saying no to her when she wants a feed is a huge rejection for her so we aren't getting very far. For the night weaning we read a story books about night weaning and talked about it for ages before we actually did it. I can't find any books like these for general weaning though so I think I need another approach. Does anyone have experiences or tips they can share? Any suggestions for weaning gently in general? For health reasons I need to start this process but I do still want to do this process as gently and slowly as possible.

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Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:00 pm
by ~WildChild~
Could you make your own story book with your daughter as the star character learning to go to sleep a different way other than feeding?

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Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 9:55 am
by ClOuD_NiNe
Hi there!

Your journey sounds much like mine with DD. I night weaned and cut back on day feeds, so she was feeding first thing in the morning, nap and bedtime. We then dropped the early morning feed first, then the bed time one. My strategy was fairly simple, I talked to her about what was going to happen for a few days leading up to it, offered cuddles and water instead, set the limit and empathised when she expressed strong emotions. It didn't go too badly and it could sometimes take her up to an hour to fall asleep.

I knew naptime would be the last feed to go... At bedtime she was tired enough and it was dark enough that she could fall asleep. I knew naptime would be more difficult, and it was. She's now 3y3m and is not interested in napping anymore, consequently the feeds have stopped too. I'm not calling her weaned just yet, she sometimes asks for mimi and I wonder if she'll be interested again when her sibling is born in a few weeks!

Hope that helps.

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Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 1:31 pm
by Hippie
I agree with making up you own story or could she pick a new teddy (or something similar) which will help her fall asleep?