For discussion of issues that arise in the early days of breastfeeding
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Post by finsmum » Sat May 16, 2015 3:38 pm

Hi all :) I have just had my third baby, (all breastfed, my oldest till 41/2, my 3 yr old still tandem feeds a little :) ) she is now nearly 8 weeks old. :D
My question is about grunting and straining to poo, she has done this from the start, though it seems to be improving and she now mainly only does it at night, from around 4 - 5 am, but can grunt and strain on and off four hours before pooing. We cosleep and I wear her in wraps during the day so thinking maybe the movement and being more upright may be why it doesn't seem to be a problem then?
She is thriving and growing, normal frequent breastfed baby poos, alert and happy, so not too worried, but I would love other people's experiences of this as my other kids didn't do it. If it will resolve itself I'll leave it be but otherwise will try a gentle local baby chiro, kinesiology didn't help for this.
Thanks :)
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Re: Grunting

Post by Yankee » Sat May 16, 2015 3:59 pm

Hi welcome and congratulations! Does she seem in distress about it or is she just being extra expressive? Have you tried what I call 'the poo hold?' It's from elimination communication - put baby on your lap facing away and gently draw up baby's knees toward their torso. I sometimes rock back and forth to make it a little game. It's great for encouraging gas and poo to make a move!
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Re: Grunting

Post by JMc » Sun May 17, 2015 4:29 am

Hi and congratulations!

My little guy is now six months old! But he was like this, so noisy! He would keep me awake a night grunting and grunting. He didn't need me or a feed, he was just super noisy. It didn't always lead to a poo, though sometimes it did.

I felt like it was completely normal. He didn't seem to be in pain. He was feeding and weeing and pooing normally, so I just left it. He stopped being so noisy over night by about 4months. Just in time to start waking up to chat and try to roll over!!

If you're not worried, I would say no need to do anything! Just a noisy night time baby!
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Re: Grunting

Post by MamaMagoO? » Sun May 17, 2015 7:50 am

One of my nephews was like that. Gave me such a shock the first time I saw it but his parents said it was normal.

I'd suggest that if his poo is normal he's probably fine but wouldn't hurt to get it checked out if you're concerned.
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