crappy attachment too

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crappy attachment too

Postby Joyful83 » Thu Mar 12, 2015 9:26 pm

Hi there, I'm a first time mummy and my baby girl is 5 days old today! I'm feeling overwhelmed with this breast feeding game! Before we were discharged from hospital yesterday the baby dr found she had a lip tie so she cut it and assured me it would help with latching better! Today had been up and down with attaching and latching well! Lots of wet nappies and poos so I know she is getting enough but also lots of fussing at feeds, attaching wrong pinching the nipples and a little ridging. I've just spoken with breast feeding counsellor and she says i may have to hand express before feeds as it sounds like my baby can't get enough breast into her mouth as my breasts are so full and hard! My question is should I express with the pump before feeds for a couple of minutes will that help more too!! Best of luck with your worries
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