Help! Exhausted with a newborn and a 1.5 y o

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Help! Exhausted with a newborn and a 1.5 y o

Post by AshleePaige » Tue Jan 31, 2017 8:21 am

Hi everyone.

I have given birth 2 weeks ago, and I have a 1.5 yo also.
How quickly we forget about this early days!!!

My 2 week old is doing some MAJOR fussing about and cluster feeding over night. I'm talking 9pm- about 1am... and then back up at 4:30ish, for a couple of hours. Then my toddler wakes up. So, I'm getting about 3 hours sleep every 24 hours. I am sometimes managing 2 hour nap during the day .. if my NB wants to play nice and not be squirmy and feeding a lot.

I'm thinking of drinking camomile ... in the hope it goes into my milk and then may possibly soothe Bubs tummy for her squirminess. Can this happen?? And if so, how long does it take to go into my milk??

Also.... cluster feeding. I know there isn't much I can do to prevent it.. but anything to reduce it? Feeding LITERALLY all night is exhausting and playing havoc on my emotions ... especially when I have a toddler to look after during the day.
I have my mum and mother in law to help during the day... but they are both away or working this week!

Would love some advice or suggestions



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Re: Help! Exhausted with a newborn and a 1.5 y o

Post by DigDig » Sun Feb 05, 2017 8:06 pm

Hugs. That sounds exhausted. Have you tried screen time? I used to be very anti- screen, but found it helpful with 2. When bub is asleep you could try going to bed, bringing the older one with you and letting them watch a few shows? You might not sleep, but maybe you will get some rest? Don't know if it will work, but might be worth a try.

The other thing you could try us bringing lots of books into the bed?

I hope you get some rest.
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