Am I doing the right thing

For discussion of issues that arise in the early days of breastfeeding
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Am I doing the right thing

Post by Lozmumof3 » Wed Apr 27, 2016 10:07 pm

I have just had my third child a little boy, he is only 3 days old. He was admitted into special care nursery and had to have a drip in his tiny little arm which the nurses where very worried that I would move or rip out because I wanted to bf him.
It made attaching him a nightmare as they would clip it down across his body
So I now have one grazed nipple and one grazed and cracked one ;(
I have read how to help them air dry breast milk after a feed nipple cream
What I'm wondering is if it's just the initial pain of him attaching due to the crack and no other pain during the fed and my nipple isn't flat or coming out compressed attachment sounds right? I'm trying to figure out if I need to see a lactation consultant or not I didn't have any trouble with my other 2
I know I should call the helpline but I'm so tired I don't think Iam making any sense

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Re: Am I doing the right thing

Post by Nedsmum » Thu Apr 28, 2016 7:07 am

Was he born a little early ? I would personally ask the hospital to provide a lactation consultant (do they have someone on staff) - hopefully that person can help with the issues of trying to position around the drip ? They may even be able to bandage the arm/drip better or add a soft stretchy wide bandage or even you might be able to use a soft wrap around his body when feeding so that everything stays in place ? I think anyway, with my children (I also have three) that some of them just have really strong sucking and that can make the cracking/grazing happen. My second one had a a vacuum cleaner...I took him on/off so many times in the first couple of months during feeds because it just felt wrong and hurt too much...if he'd been my first he would have definitely scared me off feeding... but we did get through!
You can definitely put a little bit of the 'hindmilk' (squeeze a few drops out of the breast) after the feed and that does help the healing process. Nipple creams I don't know.

Being day 3 I would imagine your milk might have not even come in yet, or you are right in the middle of the teary third day 'blues' - have a good cry (you are allowed!) and then start afresh. Of course, you can phone the helpline any time!
I guess you are in the hospital still ? As long as he has the drip in, he probably won't be very have time to sort it out. Have they suggested that you express milk for your baby ? I would prefer personally to direct-feed all the time (no bottles) but I always had massive supply at the start, so it might be that expressing can help to build supply if you're not getting to feed your baby every couple of hours...
My sister and I both were talking about this recently, that it is 'ouchy' at the start, and it's not as simple as saying 'if it hurts, take them off' - we got the feeling that if it hurts for the first few seconds, but then gets better and isn't hurting after that, then it's probably OK, and the grazing will heal over a couple of's quite amazing how fast it can actually improve... I definitely had 'grazing' at day 3-5 with all my kids, but it never got to the bleeding stage from what I remember... (my eldest is 16 now!)...
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Re: Am I doing the right thing

Post by Jenbt85 » Thu Apr 28, 2016 7:12 am

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the birth of your little one!

Are the midwives able to help with attachment / is there an onsite LC that can help you come up with a plan?

I'm not qualified to say whether the attachment is fine, but from my experience I found that once the grazed nipped healed that the pain stopped completely. I was also having no pain after that initial (teeth grinding) pain and attachment for us improved.

Look after yourself :)
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