Oversupply and engorgement

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Oversupply and engorgement

Post by Luketomas » Sun Jan 17, 2016 9:10 pm

I still have massive and painful breasts. Bub is 10 weeks old and feeds 6-7 times a day( has done consistently for at least 5 weeks) every3-4 hours with a longer spell overnight. He feeds and connects well and doesn't vomit since I've started expressing a small amount just prior to feeding ( to prevent him gagging from the huge letdown)Just feeds, burps then falls asleep. My breasts are fine for 2-3 hours after a feed, then get swollen and painful. When do they start to sort themselves out? No duct or latching problems. I'm even keeping my breasts out of warm water showering as I was told this stimulates milk supply.

I called the helpline and they suggested block feeding, but as it is I only use 1 breast per feed so it's about 6 hrs in between feeds per side. I don't think I could make 12. Do I just ice them and put up with it?

I was also told Bub may have lactose overload. He is largeish(6.1kg at 8 weeks)

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Re: Oversupply and engorgement

Post by Esther » Sun Jan 17, 2016 10:02 pm

Hello and welcome from another block feeder.

Your supply should settle down to match the new feeding pattern, but it will take a while. Yes to icepacks...

Another thing I found useful in early daze was the suggestion to express both sides with an electric breast pump _just once_ to reset everything. Really seemed to help me. Sounded contrary to everything I'd heard about oversupply and expressing, but doing it once like that was ok. There's probably some info on the website about the technique, or you can ask a counsellor/LC for more information.

I found it took well over a year before my supply settled to the point that my kids actually seemed to want/need 2nd side.

You can call the helpline again for some other ideas, or try emailing a counsellor if you're an ABA member?

Good luck! Let us know how you're going!
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Re: Oversupply and engorgement

Post by ClOuD_NiNe » Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:02 pm

Hi and welcome to the forum!

A friend of mine had a huge oversupply and things started to settle down with her after about 4 months. It sounds like you are on the right track with managing it. The helpline is a good resource, they may have some other ideas. Also if you haven't already, the articles on tbe ABA website about engorgement, oversupply and lactose overload may be helpful.

The "complete pump-out" technique that Esther mentioned is talked about in the ABA booklet "Breastfeeding: breast and nipple care", which has some great information on how to deal with engorgement. A complete pump out can be effective because engorgement isn't just a build up of milk, but blood and fluid in the breast tissue as well. Draining the milk and releasing the pressure allows the blood and fluid to drain away as well. Hope that makes sense!
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Re: Oversupply and engorgement

Post by Hippie » Tue Jan 19, 2016 12:18 pm

Hi there,

I too found that things really settled at around 4 months, I was block feeding for quite sometime, then one day she just randomly wanted both sides and things settled much better after that. Expressing just a bit before feeding helped with comfort.
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