tongue tie baby hospital stuffed up how do i get him fixed!

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tongue tie baby hospital stuffed up how do i get him fixed!

Post by mummyto2 » Sun Aug 02, 2015 4:06 pm

My 2 week old was released from hospital after after a week with a tongue tie and no plan in place to treat it fix it or enlighten me on how to deal with it other than ive had one difficult to feed prem before i have a referal for a private clinic but have no health insurance (its currently suspended) any idea on how i can get the tie fixed in a timely fashine on the public health system before i give up expressing with the machine i had to BUY because i ive outside of hospital "Zone"

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Re: tongue tie baby hospital stuffed up how do i get him fix

Post by Ronale » Sun Aug 02, 2015 4:33 pm

Hi mummyto2,
I've removed the name of the hospital (we don't mention hospitals or health care providers by name due to our code of ethics), but I think you're in Perth? I'm in Melbourne and I know that I've had a bulk billing gp snip my two boys' tongue ties. Perhaps this is an option there too? While we can't discuss doctors by name publicly, one of the ladies from Perth may know of a few options they can pass along by pm? Or there is an Australian tongue tie support group on Facebook which may be of use in this situation.
A couple of things that I found helpful to reduce nipple damage were flipping the top (and possibly bottom) lip out, trying to get as good (deep) an attachment as possible, and taking them off once it started hurting too much and swapping sides. Some mums also find nipple shields helpful until they can get the tie snipped too.
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Re: tongue tie baby hospital stuffed up how do i get him fix

Post by Penguin » Mon Aug 03, 2015 7:57 am

Not sure where you are - my bub's tie got snipped by a GP who specialised in that sort of thing. We had an out-of-pocket, but medicare covered most of it. Is the private clinic you've been refered to part of the hospital? or is it a dr in the community? It could be that most will be covered by medicare. (not sure of your circumstances though)
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