Slow weight gain

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Slow weight gain

Post by Lozaroo » Tue Sep 27, 2016 9:27 am

I'm just after some advice
My son is 5 months old fully breastfed, he is my third child and I'm fully doubting myself.
I'm the early days i had some nipple damage which was due to him being in special care and having a drip for antibiotics
Once we came home it healed and he was feeding great being my third I didn't go to the health nurses often as I barely had time
Around 3 months I had a blocked duct that just wouldn't drain I could hand express but my son couldn't drain it, I just kept putting him to the breast and I ended up with a cracked nipple as he wasn't hungry so he would just gum the nipple
It took what felt like ages for it to heal but I ended up with a infection throu the nipple and after the antibiotics it closed up so my dr said that's prob why it wasn't healing.
At our 4 month needles the nurses commented on how small my son was and that in a week and half he only gained 40grams but he had grown 3cm long and his head had grown 2cm
That put so much doubt on me as I thought he was doing great he is very happy alert baby doing all the developmental things he should be doing, sleeps pretty good for his age he has 2 good day sleeps and a good night he will Wake once a bad night it's twice.
They suggested getting him checked for lip and tounge tie and I did take him I got assessed by a lactation consultant before seeing the dr and she said his attachment is good and it's not painful the dr said his lip looked alittle thick but i can flange his lip out while feeding so he didn't think it needed to be done. My first son had a lip tie but had no dramas feeding.
So I'm just after some suggestions or some reassurance that I'm doing the right thing if I wasn't feeding him enough he wouldn't be sleeping and would be crying and not happy. I'm seconding guessing just not getting him lip tie cut but I didn't think putting him throu that pain etc if it wasn't needed. He does drain the breast good and I offer both sides and then after 40 mins I offer it again but you cannot force feed a baby

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Re: Slow weight gain

Post by Esther » Tue Sep 27, 2016 10:02 am

Lots of things you've written sound perfectly normal. Any growth, including head and length is positive.

There's a great article on the ABA website about baby weight gains ... ight-gains

Maybe read that and see how you feel after that?
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Re: Slow weight gain

Post by Lozaroo » Wed Sep 28, 2016 7:22 am

Hi Esther
Thanks for your reply. I did have a read of that article and it did help and give some reassurance
I have googled way too much and freaked myself out, plus questioning not getting his lip tie cut as low weight gain is one of the symptoms.
I think I may go and see the lactation clinic at the health nurse today to get her opinion
If the only symptoms you where having was a slow weight gain and just having to attach him yourself, would you get it cut?
Like I did have some nipple damage and one side does get a little sore if he isn't attached properly
I no he doesn't have a deep latch But he does seem to feed well
My husband and my mum think there is nothing wrong and I'm stressing out over nothing and I'm proberly am

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Re: Slow weight gain

Post by Mummy woo! » Wed Sep 28, 2016 9:11 pm

Hi Lozaroo

One 'low' weight gain (the 40g gain) is not on its own a cause to worry. The pattern of gains over several weeks or months is much more important (and less likely to be affected by inaccuracy in measuring). Have you tried plotting bub's weight gains over time on the WHO chart? That will give you a much better indication whether bubs has low weight gain or is just a small baby - someone has to be at the bottom of the chart after all.

How did you go with the LC? Deciding whether or not to have a tie cut is a complex decision and breastfeeding isn't the only factor to consider. I'd suggest discussing the benefits and risks with a health care provider who you trust and who will help you decide what is right for you and your LO. A good LC should be able to offer you support with the other breastfeeding issues you are having whether you decide to have the tie cut or not.

Good luck

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Re: Slow weight gain

Post by Lozaroo » Fri Sep 30, 2016 11:19 am

I saw the lc consultant she watched me feed, she said everything looks good
He gained a really good amount 340g in 3weeks
We spoke about his sleeping when he was younger up until 3 months he was sometimes not waking overnight or once closer to morning, that has stopped now and he is feeding twice overnight
I'm feeling so much better, I think since they took him into special care everytime someone mentions something about him I freak out there is something wrong.
Thanks for all your help and advice

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