Recurring blocked ducts and mastitis

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Recurring blocked ducts and mastitis

Post by Nicwwjd » Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:19 pm

Hi ladies!
So DD is now 11.5 months old (how exactly did that happen?). I bf DS until 15 months with no episodes of blocked ducts or mastitis at all.
Different story this time round! I'm on bout number 4. Last week I had a white spot on my nipple and a large lump on the underside of my right breast, not painful or red or hot. I went to the Physio and had some ultrasound and DD cleared it that night. I had no further problems. Until Tuesday (yesterday) morning- tender, red and hot lump back again (7 days later). Spreading onto top side of breast. I had ultrasound yesterday and today but still hasn't cleared, GP yest prescribed antibiotics, so am taking them, and headaches and nausea are settling.

I'm doing all the usual stuff for treating it, so not worried about that. My question is: what can cause recurring mastitis/ blocked ducts after feeding for so long and with no change to feeding frequency etc?
Is there anything I can do/ take as a preventative measure?

Thanks in advance!
DS Feb 2012
DD Sept 2014

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