Every 30- 40mins but wont feed!

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Every 30- 40mins but wont feed!

Post by Meliybee » Tue Jul 14, 2015 1:41 pm

Hi everyone,

My dd (4.5m) & i have been going along reasonably well with ebf however i was hoping by 4.5m she'd start to stretch out the time between her feeds. Ive always cue fed and i have had to block feed due to oversupply & super regular feed times.
the thing is that she wants feeding ALL.THE.TIME. generally it wouldnt bother me but im concerned for her as its usually a space of 20/30 or 40mins between each bout. And when i get her there she will feed for an average of 1-2mins before refusing, arching and getting all fussy and shoving her hands in her mouth!

Ive tried different latch holds, seating and laying positions, walking, bouncing, rocking, dark rooms, in a carrier, when she just wakes up, when she goes to sleep... ive even tried today to make her stretch to 2hrs and that proves difficult, obs cause shes hungry.

When she was 2weeks old i had her posterior tounge tie cut and latching improved dramatically. Then weve had a cold for about 2 weeks and im certain she was feeding extra due to feeling miserable and getting fluids etc.

She has ok nappy output, about 4 maybe 5 a day (which i thinks normal?)

Does anyone have any further ideas on how to get her to feed properly? (Note: i cant feed her laying down very well as she tends to take in lots of air and projectile spew afterwards.

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