Exhaustion, mastitis & incompetent GP

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Exhaustion, mastitis & incompetent GP

Post by ExcuseMyFrench » Sat Mar 03, 2018 11:27 pm


Warning, long post ahead that might look like rambling but I’ll try and keep it short.

My situation: mum of 3, newest one being 2mo. I successfully breastfed for all my kids and lucky enough to never experienced mastitis. My husband had to leave for Europe for 2 weeks when bub was 6wo. The day he left I had high fever, achaines in my whole body and then noticed red traces on one breast. No pain in breasts though.

I ran to my GP who put me on 5 days antibiotixs. All my (French) breastfeeding books said one needs a long course of antibiotics so I asked for that but got brushed off.

That first bout of mastitis cleared our in 24hrs. No more fever or red traces. I finished the course and went along my crazy life trying to keep 3 kids alive on very little sleep.

A couple of days later, the fever was back. I knew it was the mastitis that had not cleared properly die to too short course of antibiotics. Went back to my GP straight away and he REFUSED to give me more antibiotics.
There was no red traces on my breast so it wasn’t mastitis in his opinion. Didn’t matter that my breast felt full even after a feed, nor that I had no other symptoms in my whole body but tender breast.
He told me to go to the RWH emergency for potential placenta retention. At this point I broke down in tears, explained my exhaustion and lack of support, husband away, all families living overseas and all he said was « there there ».Of course I didn’t go. I haven’t done any medical study but I knew if I had some placenta left in me for 7 weeks I would have had bleeding or belly pains or ugly smells. I was exhausted and needed rest, not useless wait in a crowded emergency room.

I went home, cuddled in bed with the baby and drink heaps of water. Fever got better but that night it sky rocketed to 40+. Got the home visiting doctor out who put me on antibiotics straight away. He was satisfied that it was indeed mastitis because of my feelings of breast being full all the time.
Next morning I had red traces on my breast...

So first and foremost I wanted to vent about the first useless GP and I’m considering reporting him.
Secondly how do I know that an extra 5 days of antibiotics will fix the problem this time? Should I try and source another GP that will agree to a long course of antibiotics?

Do I have to stay in bed all day to make it go away? Or am I in the clear now that fever is gone and red traces have disappeared?

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Re: Exhaustion, mastitis & incompetent GP

Post by AussieBritLu » Mon Apr 23, 2018 3:25 pm

Sorry for the delay in your question being posted

How is everything going now?
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