Sleep and BF help

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Sleep and BF help

Post by AGS_4314 » Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:49 pm

I breastfed dd to sleep for 3 years! That was fine although it led to lots of issues with her unable to sleep in my absence as well as me being really sleep deprived. She had allergies and was never settled off the bob.

I now have a 2 month old daughter and want to avoid feeding to sleep. So far she's been a sleepy baby who sleeps a lot and has basically woken to feed ever few hours then gone straight back to sleep. Recently though she's started to have a little awake time and now for the past several days I'm finding that when she's tired she just cries and cries unless offered bf where she immediately falls asleep/ If I remove the nipple she cries again until it's replaced and goes back to sleep. I know she's not hungry because she can have been on the breast for ages. When she's really feeding for hunger she drains the breast and pops off in about 10 minutes. She's started waking every sleep cycle (used to be 3 hour blocks) crying and obviously still tired, only settling with boob. Sh'es miserable if I just keep her up. I'm basically unable to put her down and it's starting to affect my eldest.

For a couple of days I've tried just cuddling and pacing with her shhhing and cooing and singing while she cried until she settles and falls asleep. It's taken ages and she still wakes after a sleep cycle most times. This is impractical without my husband here. It feels wrong and I wonder if this is as bad as cry it out.

I have a 3 year old desperate for Mummyu time who's been great but is affected by all this as we also had a rough start with my own health issues keepign me a bit unavailable to her. ANy advice would be great. How do you avoid feeding to sleep or help bubs learn to sleep without boob.

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Re: Sleep and BF help

Post by DigDig » Fri Oct 13, 2017 11:58 pm

Hi. How are you going now? I just wanted to say that comforting your child though not giving a bf is not the same as cry it out at all. You are still there for your child and are comforting them

I would also like to say go easy on yourself, and do what is best for your family right now. 2 months is very little, and you always try later if it's not the right time now.

I stopped feeding my eldest to sleep at around 10 months, and the younger one around 2 years, though we are still working on it at times.

You can always try speaking to a bfeeding counselor too.

Let us know how your going, and please go essay on yourself. You can stop feeding at many stages.

Best of luck.
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