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For information and resources about donor breast milk.
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Thanks for asking. :smt006
I have managed to increase my milk back to about 80% of what I was doing before. My left breast, the one that had the mastitis, is the cause of the decrease. My right has taken over as my main producer. I have increased my meds which has helped.

I never got fully comfortable with using donor milk. DH was against it. I managed to scrape through, getting down to 250mls in the freezer. Her paed. recommended trying the ABM again. She will now take it 50/50. So that is what she gets at home and 100% EBM when out. I have notice that ABM goes off way quicker than EBM. I am putting a bit away in the freezer in case.......

Donor milk is a good idea and I am glad I explored that option. One of the main reasons I am going with part ABM rather than donor milk is any time spent obtaining milk is taking away from therapy time.

She will be 17 months on Wednesday which is only 1 month off 18 months so I may as well keep expressing until 18 months. Then we are heading into winter and it would be great to get her through cold and flu season. Then it is almost her birthday and we will make 2 years Woo Hoo! But then expressing is interfering with her therapy. Swings and rounderbouts.
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