Credit & Debt, Financial Counselling Services / Hotlines

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Credit & Debt, Financial Counselling Services / Hotlines

Post by Nedsmum » Mon Dec 28, 2009 4:26 pm

Hi Everyone,

I have just found some good information about financial/credit/debt counselling. At this time of year, money worries are often the biggest worry, especially for families with small children.

I was wondering if it would be worth having a sticky with the common 'emergency services' that we mums seem to need. I'm assuming that it's OK to post them as long as they are 'not for profit' organisations ?

For example, I just found some good ones for financial advice:

Financial Counselling and info about how to get a copy of your credit rating:

Credit/Debt Hotline NSW:

IMPORTANT: there is a federal government programme to provide free financial counselling. Note that there are also 'loan sharks' out there who promote themselves as financial 'problem solvers' but this is not the same thing.

Here is the information from the federal government: ... enDocument
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Post by greenie » Mon Dec 28, 2009 5:35 pm

Great idea!

There is this one by the Australian Govt, with a budget spreadsheet you can download that is pretty comprehensive, as well as information sheets and calculators:

Lifeline also provide free financial counselling, a search of their website only turns up contacts in Eastern states, but perhaps if you ring the nationwide number they'll point you towards resources in other states. ... &location=
Ring 13 11 24

Legal Aid Queensland also has a debt self-help kit and other info, other states should have a similar agency: ... kits/Debt/
So long everyone! Thanks for everything :-D

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