packing for wedding

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packing for wedding

Postby mummymanda » Wed Aug 19, 2015 10:42 pm

I am currently focused on getting ready for SILs wedding. Writing lists etc. Would like any tips or tricks please.

Wedding is about 2 hours away and at 4pm. We are all going up first thing in the morning as i have offered to set up table centres which will probably take me a decent 2hrs DH will take the ferals to the park. None of us are in the wedding party. There is a small motel on site as its in a castle so we have use of one of the rooms to get ready. I will be driving home directly after as there is no option of staying.

My lists are already pretty extensive. But hoping someone may just have a bit of insight or out of the box ideas i may overlook.

Bit disappointed that DHs brother and partner have decided to leave their kids at home because its too hard to get dressed at home and jump in the car and arrive all ready. We are only getting ready there because i want to make sure the table centres are finished. So far i think i am just a glutton for punishment :lol:
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