Saliva ovulation microscope theoretical question

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Saliva ovulation microscope theoretical question

Post by Penguin » Sun May 11, 2014 7:37 am

Posting in here because this is where people talk about this stuff...

So, I cam across this thread!LWwbK about tears. Definitely not a scientific article but it made me think. The ferning patterns that one can see on those saliva microscopes -I wonder if you would see the osetrogen ferning in tears as well as saliva? I've never used one so I only know what I've read. Those who know more about this than me, do you think you would see the same concentration differences (and therefore ferning pattern changes) in the tears as you do in saliva?

Second thought - oestrogen is hydrophobic, would that change it? Both saliva and tears are aqueous - what's the solubility of oestrogen? Does it crystalize out easily (and that's why this is an easily observable process) because it's so concentrated so it's forced to dissolved initially but then comes out of solution quickly when it dries? I wonder if it would come out of sluted faster with tears since they would be I assume)more solvute concentrated than saliva. So maybe it can't dissolve in the tears if there isn't enough room -maybe it's pushed out by polar / ionic solutes?

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Re: Saliva ovulation microscope theoretical question

Post by snowie » Sun May 11, 2014 10:44 am

Wow now there's a question. I used a ferning microscope as well as temping to conceive DD. After much experimentation, I had my technique down pat, a refined version of the instructions sent with the microscope. Must have been channeling my inner chemist while TTC. :smt005
In answer to your question, I think tears would work too, I spotted a couple of photos in the article that looked like the osetrogen levels levels were on their way up.
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