TTC, breastfeeding & a short LP

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TTC, breastfeeding & a short LP

Post by Tarahgirl » Thu Dec 24, 2015 12:42 pm

Hey guys!
Just signed up today - with nowhere else to turn to!

Just a bit of a background story!
I have a beautiful 15 month old boy (who is still breastfed on demand), and we have been TTC #2 for a little while now. I have had my period regularly ever since my PP bleeding stopped. I have been taking ovulation tests (ClearBlue digital) for the past 3 months which show I surge around cycle day 20-23 (which I'm assuming ovulate?). I get my period regularly around day 28-31 which leaves my luteal phase length very short (around 7 days on average). Before I fell pregnant with my son, I was getting my periods regularly (not tracking ovulation however), so it's hard for me to know if I had a short luteal phase before or if it's just happening due to breastgeeding. I have been taking vitamin B complex (which I read can help lengthen the LP). I guess my question is- has anyone successfully fell pregnant with a short luteal phase, and if I get a "peak" on my digital ovulation tests- does this mean I'm actually ovulating at all? I am yet to track my basal body temperature and plan on doing this next month.

Any advice, experiences or comments welcome- thanks in advance!

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Re: TTC, breastfeeding & a short LP

Post by ClOuD_NiNe » Thu Dec 24, 2015 3:24 pm

Hi and welcome!

I'm an expert cycle tracker, haha. Having done it on and off for the past 6 years! I recently fell pregnant while breastfeeding, although it took a while. From the research I have done, a short luteal phase is common while breastfeeding, and that's one of the reasons some women find it difficult to fall pregnant. I'm not sure it's possible to get pregnant with a luteal phase of only 7 days... it wouldn't give the fertilised egg enough time to implant. With #1 I fell pregnant when my luteal phase was consistently about 12 days.

Charting temps should tell you if you're ovulating, although beware that temps can be irregular while breastfeeding. I still saw a clear thermal shift though. In conjunction with the OPK's you should be fairly certain of ovulation though.

Once you've got some better info from the temping, if it still looks as though your luteal phase is short, perhaps look into alternative therapies such as acupuncture and Chinese/Western herbs to regulate your cycle.

Another thing that may help is cutting down the amount your LO is feeding, although not sure if you're ready to go down that route yet.
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Re: TTC, breastfeeding & a short LP

Post by JMc » Fri Dec 25, 2015 2:15 am

Totally agree with Cloud Nine. I had to drop feeds to get pregnant. Between ds1 and ds2 I had a regular cycle for months, but didn't fall pregnant until I night weaned. Ds1 was only having 3 feeds during the day, but probably 2 over night.

Is your ds still feeding overnight?
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