Are you coming to the SA/NT 2015 Conference?

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Are you coming to the SA/NT 2015 Conference?

Post by Feebes » Mon Jun 15, 2015 11:32 pm

If so, then here is a deal for your group/region!

The Lower Limestone Coast Group (SAiNT) has arranged with the Banksia Group (from Vic Branch) to have their tear drop display flags on sale at a special price (paid prior to collection) and to be collected at this year’s 2015 SAiNT Conference.

Normal price per flag is $150, but we are going to get all of the deliveries made to my house (I will bring them to conference), making the price per flag $135. There is a choice of two flags available. You also have a choice of purchasing a water weight at $10 each. They come with either a cross stand or a spike. One reads ‘Feed & Change Your Baby Here’ (along with a small ABA logo and wording ‘Australian Breastfeeding Association’) and the other is just a large ABA logo with the wording ‘Australian Breastfeeding Association’. Both are in ABA colours of teal and white.

They are 2.25m tall and pack into a lovely bag about 1m long and 20cm wide.

If you would like to put in an order, please send me an PM including your email address and I will email you a form to complete for you to forward onto the Banksia Group.

Our group has both designs and they are really great quality.

See you at conference!


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