What is an ABA Working Group?

What have you been doing in your local ABA group lately? What have you been doing in the wider ABA community? Share all of your stories here.
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What is an ABA Working Group?

Post by BabyGumnut » Fri Nov 23, 2007 8:50 am

From the ABA Manual Section C.50.1:
It is the members and subscribers who run the Association, from helping in their local group, to becoming a breastfeeding counsellor or community educator, to working within the management team structure or administering the Association at branch and national level. They provide the pool of energy, creativity and commitment, which drives the Australian Breastfeeding Association, and are essential to our ongoing ability to empower women to breastfeed.
I know we often talk about what we do in our local groups as volunteers and that work is so important to the organisation. However some of you may not be near a local group or are not able to get to know your local group for a number of reasons. However you can still play an important role in supporting the work that ABA does by joining a working group.

Whether or not you have a role in your local group you are welcome to join a working group. A working group may consist of one or any number of volunteers, and may be situated anywhere throughout Australia. :smt024

The available working groups are:
  • Breastfeeding In Public (babycare rooms)
    Public Awareness
    World Breastfeeding Week
    National Mothering Week
    Document Management System
    Electronic Communications
    Visual images
    Group Projects
    Proofreading and Approval
    Educational Programs
    New Breastfeeding Information
    Book Review
    Lactation Aids
    Audiovisual Review
    Booklet Revision
    New Booklets
    Breastfeeding Review
    Talkabout (publication for volunteers)
    Breastfeeding Papers
    Indigenous Women’s
I guarantee that no matter what your skills, time committments, talents or passions that there is a role on a working group that you will love. :smt049

Most (but not all) of the groups have an email list set up for communication. You can find these contacts In the ABA website's "Subscribers-Only" section. Go to the "ABA Email Lists".
For information on any of the other working groups just call Head Office on (03) 9885 0855 or email on info@breastfeeding.asn.au

All those who hold positions with a working group must be Australian Breastfeeding Association subscribers, and agree to abide by the Code of Ethics.

So have you ever been part of a working group? Please share your expeiences.
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