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Forum and Personal Safety

Post by jennylee » Sat May 26, 2007 5:48 pm

Forum and Personal Safety

Please remember that this forum is very public and anyone, anywhere in the world, can read it. For this reason you should be mindful of the personal details you post publicly on the forum itself, or provide privately by PM/Email to others you have met here.

Think over anything you are about to post - does it contain any identifying details about you or your family and friends? – This includes providing your email address to others if it gives your first and surnames.

Would you be happy if a stranger came up to you in the street and knew your name and your children’s names and ages because they recognised you from your posts? If not, then please think twice about providing names, ages and especially photos of your children. Think again before giving details of your location. Someone reading the forum may only need to read a few of your posts to gather enough information about you to know exactly where you live.

We allow links to family websites in your profile, but think carefully before you include such a link. Would someone be able to identify where you lived, where your children go to school or when you will be on holidays after a visit to your site? If so, it is probably not wise to provide a link on a public forum such as this.

Sadly the world we live in is not full of nice people; there are some undesirables out there. We need to be aware of this and be cautious.

The Australian Breastfeeding Association is not responsible in any way for details given out by people on this forum, everyone posts at their own risk
Australian Breastfeeding Association

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