Expressing for a 5 month old

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Expressing for a 5 month old

Post by Willowmoss » Tue Sep 30, 2014 9:00 pm

Hi All

I am wanting to start expressing so when i am out little miss can have a bottle. How often should i be expressing? what can i do to build up my supply?

Also storing, what i express i put straight in the fridge, can i keep adding to that? how long does it last for in the fridge? how much should i put away for each feed? (i have no idea the amounta breast fed baby drinks) i would like to get a steady supply and start freezing. At the moment i am lucky to get 30ml each time i express.

TIA :)

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Re: Expressing for a 5 month old

Post by adk » Tue Sep 30, 2014 9:18 pm

Hi! How often you express is somewhat dependent on what you want to use the milk for and how often you need it. I tend to express once a day after a morning feed as i feel like i have more milk in the morning, but you can do it any time. I don't need to use it too often, so that works for me. If i needed to give more bottle feeds then i would express after more than one feed a day. Anther good time is after the last feed in the evening as bubs may sleep for a bit longer before needing another feed. I usually wait for an hour after the start of a feed, and express then, as that gives me a couple of hours (on a good day lol) before the next breastfeed. I usually get about 50 - 60ml, so i tend to store it in that sized lots in bags in the freezer then defrost two for a bottle. If bubs needs more you can always defrost a third but that way if they don't you haven't wasted any. Breast milk can stay in the fridge during the day and you can add to it, but it should go in the freezer after 24 hrs i believe, but someone else may come along and give you more info on that. Good luck!!
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Re: Expressing for a 5 month old

Post by Esther » Wed Oct 01, 2014 3:22 am

Between 1-6 months, the amount of milk a baby takes over 24hours doesn't change, although they may vary the amount they take from feed to feed. We say the average is around 800mL/24 hours. You divide 800mL by the number of feeds your DD has. If you're not sure, a guesstimate is fine too! Once you have that figure, you'll know roughly how much to leave.

Feeds can either be a quick snack, or a long meal. So it can help to have the milk frozen in smaller quantities and offer a small amount at a time. If bub wants more, it's easy to defrost some more. If bub only wants a small amount, there's less waste.

You can add expressed milk to frozen or milk in the fridge, but it needs to be cooled first.

There's lots of info on the main ABA website about expressing and storing breastmilk. The info includes guidelines as to how long milk can be stored in fridge/freezer. You're also also welcome to chat to a breastfeeding counsellor on our 24/7 phone helpline, ir via email if you're an ABA member if you want more info.

Good luck!
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