Tossing my stash

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Tossing my stash

Post by Penguin » Sat Jan 04, 2014 6:50 pm

It's taken me two years to be ready to do it, but today I went through my lipase ruined stash to chuck it. It was taking up valuable freezer space. I had estimated 3L but I'm defrosting it now to see. It was all in individual baggies, so I've taken it out now waiting for it to melt. It smells RANK.

This doesn't count all the stuff that we tried to feed DD that she rejected. In August/ September is (2011) I worked out that I needed to scald my milk to make it drinkable after pumping it, but there is no known way to rescue an already lipase affected stash.

For those who are interested, my lipase story is in the lipase/ scalding thread in this section. (Can't link on phone)

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