When to stop expressing but continue breastfeeding?

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When to stop expressing but continue breastfeeding?

Post by Misspurple7 » Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:03 am

Hi everyone.
I have an 8 week old girl and have been breastfeeding since she was born. Everything Is goin great. I express between 100/150ml at 9pm and again the same at 6:30am. I freeze it! Now my freezer is full of bags of milk after 8 weeks of this! How long do I keep expressing like this?? I have tried my daughter with a bottle of expressed milk but she hates the bottle. She keeps Turning her head away, crying and fighting with me. So I haven't used much of the milk I've expressed!! I am going to continue with the breastfeeding until at least 6 months but I would like my partner to give her a bottle of expressed milk every once in a while!!
Any tips on how to get her to like the bottle and if i should stop or continue expressing at the same time would be great.

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Post by fellare » Wed Aug 21, 2013 12:41 pm

Good on you for expressing so much!

You could try different feeding methods, such as cup feeding, seringe feeding, sippy cup, etc. We had a lot of those issues with mine too, he just refused a bottle. In the end, from about 4 months, he'd prefer to go without for 3-4 hours, and wait for me (he was a twice an hour feeder)

How are you storing the milk? Cause there is an expiry date on it. If itś in a deep freezer, youĺl be fine for a year and can use the milk to make food for your bub (perfect pancakes and muffins!). Otherwise you might want to look into donating some and expressing when you actually need it.
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Post by Esther » Wed Aug 21, 2013 12:44 pm

Sounds like you've got heaps of milk there - wow! If your body is used to expressing this much extra milk, you may find that you'll need to cut back slowly - don't just stop. Maybe try dropping one expressing session, wait a few days for your supply to reset then drop the next. You may find you need to express a little just for comfort while you're "weaning" off the expressing sessions.

If you've been expressing so that hopefully she'll take milk in a bottle with your partner it sounds like you could probably stop now - you've got enough to try out lots of things. If you want to keep going, keep going, but if you decide to stop just remember to do it slowly. You can always express a bit more down the track if needed. You can even express small amounts at a time and add them together once they're all chilled (you can even add chilled milk to previously frozen milk).

You have enough to experiment with other types of cups, spoons, syringes etc. If you need to go away from your DD and leave some milk for her, she will probably take only what she needs and wait for you to come back.

There's some good info here


https://www.breastfeeding.asn.au/bf-inf ... breastmilk

Good luck :D
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Post by Penguin » Wed Aug 21, 2013 1:48 pm

If you do cut back now (gradually) you could always start again later on if/ when you use up your freezer stash. If you do wnt to keep pumping but don't have room for more milk in the freezer, you could look into donating milk to aother mum (as a one off or a regular thing) if you wanted to make some more space?
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