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Questions!!! please help

Posted: Tue May 10, 2016 11:43 am
by mrslane
hay ladies, so I'm a new mummy and i just have a few questions I've been curious about. Im happy for any feed back :). so i have a 3 month old and i breast feed for about 4 weeks i had a terrible time with it as my little one didn't latch properly and it would take me nearly an hour every time to feed him. i also found he never seemed full when breast feeding. so i decided to start expressing his milk and see how that went. so i exclusively expressed every 3 hours for a month i found i still couldn't keep up with supply :( i could only express about 400mls a day and ethan seem to want more than that (he's a hungry little one). i found i had to start comping with formula. before i did that however i tried milk tea, fenugreek tablets the breast milk biscuits etc i found they helped for a couple of days and then my milk would deplete again. i tried cluster expressing and still i couldn't get my milk supple up. i am now only expressing 300mls a day i pump every 3 hours except for at night. ethan has 6 bottles a day at 150mls. so 2 breast milk 4 formula. i would really love him to just have breast milk. so my questions are. :)
how long do you pump for?
any tips on increasing supple e.g. holding baby while pumping etc?
do you massage your breast while pumping to stimulate milk flow?
which pump do you use?

thanks :)

Re: Questions!!! please help

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2016 8:50 am
by mummymanda
I only just saw this so sorry no one has replied. I can't be of much help sorry but I wanted to say you are doing a fantastic job. Perhaps call the helpline number at the top of the page they are trained to help in these issues.

I expressed and for my DD1 exclusively for first 6 weeks and let's just say I make a good cow lol. Sometimes a warm compress helps. I used medella electric pump and it worked well for me. Don't forget it's also about supply and demand. Being relaxed also helped so I would put pump on and watch my fav tv shows whIle DD was asleep or someone else had her

Good luck