Starting to express - when and will it lead to engorgement?

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Starting to express - when and will it lead to engorgement?

Postby kelko » Fri Dec 04, 2015 6:23 pm

Hi, I am still in the early days (3 weeks), and I am not planning to start expressing for another few weeks, however, I wanted some advice for when I do start. I mainly want to just have enough for one or two feeds a week in the fridge, so I can have a drink at Christmas or so my husband can give bub a feed on a Saturday night and I can get more than 2hrs sleep at a time. I have two primary concerns about starting to express: (1) when do I express? If I express before my son wants a feed, will that mean there won't be enough left there for him? Also, won't this mean that if he does go on the breast right after I express he will only get hind milk? Likewise, if I express right after he feeds, won't this mean the expressed milk will primarily be hind milk, and therefore he won't get the balance he needs? Is it really an issue if he gets primarily hind milk every so often (again, I am only talking once or twice a week)? (2) If I express, and therefore go six hours without breast feeding, will this lead to engorgement? My breasts aren't overly engorged, and my supply is pretty steady now. I haven't had any issues with blocked ducts or mastitis (yet - fingers crossed!).

Thanks in advance!
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