Tiny blood filaments in baby's stool!

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Tiny blood filaments in baby's stool!

Post by ouhouhcflo » Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:25 pm

Hi everyone,
Baby is just 6months old and two weeks ago, in his stools appeared lots some tiny blood filaments with some unusual colour, very liquid and not feeling right!
I thought that it might be some worms and waited 24 hours before going to the GP but they disappeared so I didn't try further investigation.

Some days later, they appeared again for a short time, so I tried to understand what could have changed in my food.
I only found that the milk that I buy for my husband was different because I didn't shop in the same groceries store and couldn't find our usual milk (the non homogenised one) and I drink some on irregular bases.

I stopped milk for 2 weeks -I still eat cheese- but couldn't resist in eating some yoghurt yesterday afternoon and then baby got some diarhee in the evening again and this morning a bit of the bloody filaments!!

Has anyone an idea of what it could be?
What's the best thing to do? Should I completely stop milk and yoghurt, wait a certain age or drink some but in small quantity at a time?

I'm looking forward for your mummy's experience and what worked for you so please share it with me.
Thanks :)

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