NORMAL for 3 1/2 yr old?

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NORMAL for 3 1/2 yr old?

Post by Klaud » Thu Apr 10, 2014 10:57 pm

I'm turning to this forum as I have some questions about 3 1/2 yr old behaviour...a very simplified version to the post I had just finished compiling (HUGE in length) but lost...aaarrgggh!

SO, is it normal for 3 1/2 yr old

1) to act out and be really silly when visitors are around? We've had my dad & partner from overseas stay for 2 weeks and O was just acting so poorly. Being super loud, acting silly, super jealous with his little brother (who's 11 months), hitting my dad & partner as well sometimes. Dinner was disastrous most the time and he'd practically not eat a thing going to bed hungry. I didn't expect this from him at all.
2) to purposefully hurt/scare his little brother only to say "sorry, I won't do it again" straight after?
3) to act out crazy and over the top when his friends are over for play? Also trying to show off with tricks and other things but hurting himself in the process?
4) to not be able to play well unless I'm involved (has toys everywhere but can't focus on playing with them)
5) to struggle with his individuality (tends to copy a lot and doesn't enjoy doing things he's not so good at)

I think my son has a lot of anger built up inside and he unleashes it by hurting his brother (and hurting me emotionally). We keep telling him it's ok to be mad but not ok to hit, but still he will often make his brother cry. I spend a lot of time with my older son when his brother is asleep and also before bed, but it seems not enough and my older son is struggling with his feelings. It's very much a LOVE, HATE relationship.
Lately I've tried giving a toy time out if my older son uses it to hurt his brother or rips it from his grip. He loses the plot, kicking screaming punching against things...he'll climb cupboards and rip safety locks off them to get his toy back! I don't want him to build up even more anger (ie. me sticking up for his brother too much), but also don't want him to think there are no consequences for unacceptable behaviour.

Any tips appreciated!!

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