Mothers help

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Mothers help

Post by A+D » Fri Feb 14, 2014 6:35 pm

Has anyone used a mothers helper? I've acceptedcthat dd2 is a high needs baby, and may never sleep anywhere but in the sling during the day, and have decided that we need some strategies to help get us through the next few months. We thankfully can afford to pay for some help, and I am thiiking someone to help me a couple of afternoons, or help dh in the early evenings so I can get out and exercise would be more helpful than a cleaner, I can live with a slightly messy house, but not with 3 crazy older kids or without getting some physical activity in. And while someone else holds the baby I can run around and get things cleaned, and I'm hoping to master back carries and hope I can do more with her on my back.

So I was thinking a teenager, because I want someone energetic to help wear the kids out, and figure they would probably be cbeaper than an older person, and I don't plan on leaving them alone with the kids at first, but would probably use them for baby sitting the older 3 down the track. Any thoughts on what pay rate would be fair, how to find someone, do I interview them, would someone with experience be better? Any other ideas to help us through? We survived the twins first year, but it really was survival rather than living, and we don't want to go there again.
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