Split from Poor toddler latch

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Split from Poor toddler latch

Post by WillHolt » Thu Jan 15, 2015 7:12 pm

Does sound like the normal clingy phase when only mummy will do. He knows that a bf is a time when he gets your attention and cuddles, why wouldn't he? Around that time is when DD first went from placid baby to demanding toddler, it was quite a shock to the system!

However, breastfeeding is a two-way relationship. If you're both happy then fine, but if you're not happy than it's perfectly fine to set boundaries. You can meet your baby's needs for comfort and reassurance in other ways.

You could call the helpline for a chat about strategies, or I'm sure ladies who have been through similar will be along with their stories. It's also quite likely it's a phase that he might outgrow quickly.

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