Edinburgh Test

Stressed….depressed or just feeling emotionally isolated and in need of a chat? Sometimes the labels don’t fit but the emotional baggage we carry is the same…….if your life isn’t all beautiful like the nappy ads would have us believe, feel free to have a chat here. It’s important to have somewhere safe where you can be yourself and talk about the things that REALLY matter.

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Edinburgh Test

Post by jessles » Sun Aug 07, 2011 1:42 am

You know that test they get you to do during pregnancy and then post to see if you are a "candidate" for AND/PND, and how the last question is the self harm question. Anyway, I was wondering today what sort of examples would fall under the self-harm and what would happen if you mentioned to someone that maybe you had thoughts?

Also, when you did the Edingburgh test, did anything happen as a result of the test? I got a "high" reading with the test at my admissions appointment and apparently I've been put forward to talk to an expert and they were supposed to ring me. It was about 6 weeks ago that I did the test and just wondered if I should have heard from them by now.

And (sorry another question) how do you differientate between being a mum with little ones and pregnant and therefore stressed etc to being someone with depression?

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Post by Mummy woo! » Sun Aug 07, 2011 7:58 am

Hugs Jessles. I don't know the answers to all your questions but I couldn't not answer. I haven't had PND, but I have several friends who do and have negotiated the health system down here.

AFAIK, what happens depends on your local health service, and how busy they are. The Edinburgh is just a screening test, so noone is going to diagnose anything from it, but they will use it to identify people who may need some extra mental-health care. Whether you get that care will depend on what is available in your area - as you have seen, sometimes there can be a bit of a wait. But people can also fall through the cracks so maybe it is worth giving them a call and asking?

IMO, caring for little ones and being stressed (occupational stress for want of a better term) is difficult to distinguish from AND/PND and lots of HPs aren't very good at it. Talking to an HP might be helpful, but some more help on the home front might be helpful too (both would be great, at least until you can rule out a medical issue.)

As far as self-harm goes, I just don't know what 'counts'. But since you are asking, I'm guessing you are having thoughts you know aren't quite 'right' for you. Please please please call Lifeline and talk to a trained counsellor. They won't judge you for not having 'bad enough' thoughts and they will know what you can do. The number is 13 11 14 and you can call any time. Now would be a great time to call.
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Re: Edinburgh Test

Post by greenie » Sun Aug 07, 2011 8:34 am

I didn't do the Edinburgh test when I had PND (although I did it a few years later) but when I was ill I was pulling my hair, which is a form of self-harm. As for the difference between stress/exhaustion and depression, it can be hard to tell because one usually follows the other. For me, it was that even after a good night's sleep I couldn't find anything to look forward to and still didn't feel like my normal self. Things that I would ordinarily enjoy even if I was tired didn't do much for me anymore. My thoughts were screwed up, I genuinely thought that I was doing my family a disservice by staying, and that they didn't need me, which clearly was wrong-headed. I would also get fixated on a phrase or a word that I would repeat almost compulsively, which I hadn't done before or since. Finally, I felt a bit numb towards DS1, I couldn't bond with him properly until the PND started to clear. I didn't have the same experience with DS2, or with DD.

6 weeks is a long time to not hear back, I think you ought to follow it up. It'll be worth it. Sorry to hear you're not well, hope you feel better soon :-)
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Post by meals » Sun Aug 07, 2011 9:15 am

Hugs Jessles !@!@

I don't have the answer to your question. But I just wanted to say I've been in some pretty dark places in the last 12 months and even though I would NEVER EVER end my life I have had thoughts about wishing I just wasn't here or that my family would be better off without me or just disappearing because it hurts too much. So not suicidal thoughts exactly but just wishing life away I guess without any real plan to do so. It's really a moment of extreme self pity and poor me for me. Because at that same time I think about how wonderful my family and friends are and how hurt they would be. That's just my experience of having those thoughts. And I think at times of change, grief and extreme stress that's probably pretty normal.
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