Forum Guidelines - updated November 14th 2008

Guidelines for using the Australian Breastfeeding Association
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Forum Guidelines - updated November 14th 2008

Post by jennylee » Wed Nov 23, 2005 10:04 am

Last Updated June 2014

Australian Breastfeeding Association Forum Guidelines

This forum is provided as a means for you to share ideas, learn and support others in our community.

• We would like all contributors to abide by the association’s Code of Ethics (COE). You can view the COE on the Australian Breastfeeding Association website at – . The moderators of this forum reserve the right to edit or delete any posts/avatars/signatures or other items on this forum that they consider to be in breach of the association’s COE. For example, any links to commercial sites will be removed. The discussion of any products by name is discouraged. Constant mentioning of a particular brand of product for example, can constitute advertising, and so be in breach of our guidelines.

•In line with our Code of Ethics the forum should not be used to give/receive medical advice. Particular drugs should not be mentioned or advice sought from others regarding any drugs you are taking. Please see your medical adviser instead.

Starting a new topic
Before you click on "new topic", please check whether others have posted about the same issue before. Click on "Search" at the top of the page and enter a key word or phrase (eg 'solids', 'expressing', 'tandem feeding'). If you find a thread that discusses your issue, you can add to that. The newest posts always come to the top of the list, so it will be easy for others to find. You may find some answers to your questions are already here!
There is wonderful information on the main ABA website too. It also has a "Search" button on every page, so you can look up what you want - such as EBM storage times, Essence articles, weaning information etc. In Particular, please check the articles available in the Breastfeeding Information section, the answer to your question may be answered there. ABA site search Breastfeeding Information Index.

•Please do not post the same question in more than one thread.

•Any posts that are inflammatory, abusive or put down others in any way will also be removed. Swearing and flaming will not be tolerated.

•Do not harass others on the board via Personal Messages (PM’s) or email. Do not misuse the PM and email features in any way. Any person abusing these features will be banned.

•Avatars should be no larger than 100 x 100 in size.

•Signature size is limited. Any signatures that moderators feel are inappropriate will be edited/deleted.

•Posts requesting help with research/study projects and the like are not allowed in the general board. Approved research requests will be posted by ABA-Admin in the “Breastfeeding Research Requests” forum only. For more details, please read our Research assistance and collaboration form ... ation-form

•Australian Breastfeeding Association counsellors will moderate the board and may post themselves from time to time. However not all posts will necessarily be addressed by a counsellor. If you would specifically like some suggestions from a counsellor, please contact them direct via our Breastfeeding Helpline service. Counsellors are available by phone or if you are an ABA member, you also have access to email counselling. Details available on the Australian Breastfeeding Association website at -

•The views expressed by members of this forum are just that, their views, and may not reflect the opinion of ABA (or the medical community). If in doubt contact a counsellor or your health professional.

•Please only link to other websites if they are non-profit sites and if ABA does not have information on our own site concerning the subject in question

•The moderators reserve the right to edit/delete any posts that are in breach of these guidelines in any way.

•The Administrators of the forum reserve the right to ban anyone who breaches these guidelines in any way.

•Please note, all moderators and administrators on this site volunteer their time to ensure we have the great forum. Please understand this can be a tough job at times and that they are doing the best job they can!

•The Australian Breastfeeding Association reserves the right to alter these guidelines at any time.

Any questions, concerns or problems should be directed to forum admin -
Australian Breastfeeding Association

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