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Postby mummymanda » Thu Nov 24, 2016 1:36 pm

So 6 weeks ago I began studying a dual certificate 4 in aged care and lifestyle which will take 18 months. I do this 2 nights a week from 5:30-9pm I began later than everyone and the very small class of 6 were 2 units in which I can catch up over the holidays. I was really excited to be doing this course and going into the workforce in the lifestyle field but also having the background to broaden my job prospects. However I am overwhelmed with the amount of work for each unit. Usually there are somewhere in the vicinity of 10-25 "activity" questions which co-relate to the text then a similar amount of homework questions which broaden the subject matter. then there is a larger project relating to the subject which usually requires something along the lines of 6 pages/2000 words/20 min presentation. We are given 4-6 weeks from the end of the unit to complete and units are anything from 2-10 nights long.

Some students already work in aged care homes and know the teacher previously. Alot of class time is spent talking about residents and other staff members and the going on's of their workplace. Alot of this is negative and most is not related to the subject. The teachers workplace is currently under new management and being taken over by foreign workers and apparently most aged care is going in this direction. Government funding has been cut to lifestyle and those workers are being laid off. I will have more qualifications than lifestyle but I am not interested in PCA work full time. While I am glad to know this now I also find it inappropriate to be talking about this to a class full of people wanting to enter or further themselves in the industry.

We spend alot of time watching youtube clips that have not been previously watched by the teacher and are long and sometimes not even related to the unit. If someone says hey did you see this on TV about dementia we will watch it then and there our dementia unit finished 3 weeks ago. Not once have we read through any of the text and actually discussed it. Usually we go to the question and then have a somewhat related discussion about it and the teacher then reads or summarizes the answer from her answer book. She has blatantly told us to plagiarize. regularly misinterprets the question asked or how its to be presented and skews it to fit her needs. She has no formal teaching qualification and just works teaching for extra money. I am often singled out because during the idol chats I try and read the text and highlight important bits. When she asks for thoughts rarely does anyone answer. Every answer goes off topic. I am trying to complete my work during the idol minutes but I know its seen as rude. We start late, break around 7pm for 40 min where I am constantly questioned why I dont eat (I eat at home later) we then finish at 8:30. There is no where quiet for me to go after to continue study so I go home where I am greeted by my still awake and wired 2y.o who I have to wrangle to sleep which happens around 10pm if I am lucky. Childcare costs too much $48 for 1 day and that is with all the gov benefits and programs I am entitled to. I am lucky to fit in 1 hour of study time every second day. DH is really pulling his weight and my mum is helping where she can the house is in rack and ruin and we are renovating to sell.

I am so disheartened. I don't think I would struggle so much if the course was delivered in a proper manner and there was not so much negativity thrown around. I don't have an option to move to another place to study this is 5 min from home and on suitable nights. I can grin and bare it and I know I can push myself to pass but I don't think I want to work in this industry any more. If i complain and they will pull her up on it she will know the complaint came from me. There has already been a petty "complaint" type incident and it did not go down too well.

Seriously thinking of doing the undergrad course in midwifery but I am not keen on the nursing side and cannulating and suturing scares me. Would also mean I will need to utilise childcare which is not affordable and do able for our family. As it is I need to get an aunty to look after the kids 2 days a week next year so I can do placement.

Is this how study is these days? Any ideas on what I should do?
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Re: study

Postby Mummy woo! » Thu Nov 24, 2016 6:06 pm

There are major problems with some VET providers - the government is having a crack at tidying up the sector, but there is a lot to do! A quick google shows me there is a complaints process ... providers/ Maybe give them a call for a chat about what they can do to help?
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