nothing quite wakes you up. ....

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nothing quite wakes you up. ....

Post by fellare » Sun Nov 23, 2014 5:13 pm

Like seeing your child fall of a steep bank. I saw him trip, I could see he was going to go all the way down. I dropped my bags and jumped up to catch him. I think he hit the ground at the top of the fall slightly.

I'm amazed at how fast your reflexes can be! I know this wasn't a true reflex reaction, of course. It actually felt like effort to drop my bags as they were twisted around my hands. And lots of thoughts, like whether the yarn will drop out, it's there anything breakable in the bag, will my child hit his head. It's amazing how fast your thoughts go and how they seem to happen at the same time. They probably do happen at the same time!

And then the physical reaction of the adrenalin. The increased heart and breathing rate, the hot face, the tence muscles, the emotional release after.

I'm glad I can move fast. I don't think I've ever experienced one quite like this. He would have been seriously hurt if he had fallen.
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