me again - toileting with DD2 question

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me again - toileting with DD2 question

Postby Esther » Tue Nov 01, 2016 7:58 pm

DD2 toilet trained early, mostly with help from DD1 :lol: The last few months she's been holding out until absolutely busting and doesn't make it to the loo sometimes. She is starting school next year (I know :shock: :shock: ) so I'm hoping things settle down by then. I'm all for having strong bladder muscles, but this seems to be taking it a bit far. She's 4.6 yo.

A big issue for us at home is that she waits for one of us to go into the toilet with her. She is perfectly capable of managing everything to do with going to the loo, but seems unable to do this by herself when she's at home. There've been no problems reported at kindy, where they are pretty independent. She tells us that sometimes she just has a few spots of wee on her pants, but she doesn't mind and it dries quickly.

Any suggestions or experience?
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