Wanting to become a LC no health quals

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Re: Wanting to become a LC no health quals

Post by JennyD » Mon Apr 20, 2015 11:41 am

Feebes wrote:Yes, I didn't know that you were a LC, JennyD, nor pseudo!

How long have you both been a LC for and do you use it for like your own private business?

I sat the exam in 2009. so nearly 6 years. I can't actually afford to run a private business, I did a business plan, not enough babies in town. So I just keep it on the off chance I can afford to do it one day. It was worth the effort though, I learnt a heap, and really enjoyed the study, but I love being a BC and that is probably what I'll stick with.

I do know a few other ABA counsellors who went on to be LCs, basically if you aren't a health professional you won't get work in a hospital, and it is difficult to make a profit as a private LC, even in the city. It was interesting sitting the exam, I found many of the breastfeeding questions easy, but the health ones were more difficult. Luckily there are more breastfeeding ones :)

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Re: Wanting to become a LC no health quals

Post by weeze » Wed Apr 29, 2015 11:20 pm

IBLCE have various pathways depending on if you're a HP or a BC ( as they call it mother to mother peer supporter ).
Their website lays out the health sciences subjects you have to show transcipts of, as well as the hours of clinical experience (1000 when I last looked, that's a lot)
The women at the aussie office are very helpful, ring them.
I've sat the exam twice and I tell you it was much easier the 2nd time after being a CE for 5 years ( even though I was already an experienced HP 1st time around!)

The clinical experience would be the hardest thing to get I'd say.


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