Societies influence

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Re: Societies influence

Post by MamaMagoO? » Sun Jun 22, 2014 4:52 pm

I was really surprised when my DD who has been bottle fed EBM maybe 4 times in her life and has never been around a baby being bottle fed chose a baby doll with a bottle specially for the bottle at the toy library recently. I know she chose it for the bottle because as soon as we got home she pulled the bottle out of the bag and picked up her own baby doll and started feeding her from the bottle. As surprised as I was by this turn of events I am not too concerned about it. The overall influence in DD's life is about positive breastfeeding so I am sure that will win out in the end. It does leave me to wonder how she even knew what the bottle was and how to use it? Her big brother has only ever breastfed his babies so i don't know... maybe Peppa Pig??
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