Baby clothes/underwear discount

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Baby clothes/underwear discount

Post by Yankee » Fri Feb 21, 2014 7:43 am

If you like a certain Australian brand that starts with a B and makes underwear and you have a baby aged 5 or under, they're having their annual baby photo contest. I bring it up not so much for the actual contest, but if you enter a photo of your bub you get a code for 40% off anything on their website (must be redeemed before the contest finishes).

Do be aware, though, if you buy anything that's already discounted (including things like buy 3 for $X) it won't apply the 40% to those items. I worked out I saved more if I didn't buy the combos. :shock:

I doubt DD will get chosen but now DH has lot of sock and jocks and DD has some winter basics coming our way!
DD born September 2013

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