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Post by fellare » Thu Jun 20, 2013 6:46 pm

I'm ok now. SIL isn't home yet, but her place is just like mine. She has lots of books on witchcraft and my old spinningwheel is here. It's going to be a bit harder enjoying hte holiday as we now are without a car and OMG public transport is expensive!!! 70 euro just to go to Amsterdam, which is a 40min drive!!!! IF, big IF, the trains are actually going :shock:

I thought too, last night, I could never let DH take DS without me. I don't trust them. They wouldn't give ds back to me before and went insane at me. I know DH can't do much, as I got all his money and income. But I wouldn't trust the ils for a second.
we'll see how it goes. DH insists on taking DS to see his grandparents. I'm not sure I can win that battle.

I'm still baffled they thought it ok to a)lock me into the house, b) call a gp on me and c) think that I'll ever let them talk to DS again.

seriously, if it wasn't for me, they wouldn't skype, I'm the one who always reminds DH that it's been a week. I've done so much for these people and they treat me like shit.

My lovely psychologist has organised a skype meeting tomorrow. I went for a walk through the park here and that made me laugh. seriously, saddest country I've ever been to. It's humid and yuk weather. 25 degrees and I feel sweaty, like in the tropics. It's thundering now, will be raining for the rest of the day. THis country sucks. No idea why I agreed to coming back.

Anyway, now I decided that the only way to kill myself is by murdering one of those Syrian f-heads, you won't need to worry too much about me. not really easy to do!
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