Just a bit sad today.

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Just a bit sad today.

Post by fellare » Mon May 27, 2013 5:13 pm

just feeling sad today. I'm not enjoying placement, mostly because of the praying and the attitude of people. I can't change anything about that and there is only 2.5 days to go. I've accepted that.

except that I got told today they most likely put me in the same school again next semester :( I'm just so sick of all the stress and anxiety. and I was seeing the end of the tunnel, now I realise it's just a window, not the end.

I don't know why I keep getting into these situations. It's just not ending. When I got home DH spontaneously agreed to going to Mildura for placement instead, that's how much it's impacting us (he doesn't want to go on another adventure, but it's less bad, he thinks, than seeing me struggle with placement).

Next placement is really important as it's the one where they decide whether or not I'll be allowed to teach. I can't teach in a school that prays 4-5 times a day, yet bullies their student teachers.

Just having a "why me, again" winch, thanks for listening
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