Failure to thrive

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Failure to thrive

Post by Amba » Sun Nov 20, 2011 2:53 pm

im feeling pretty ordinary at the moment, it has been 1 week since DS was born and he constantly lost weight he is down 13%, upon the advice of the MW who is very pro breastfeeding she said that action needed to be taken, so i have been expressing my heart out with not a lot of success ATM, so was told to introduce ABM for one bottle at night

I did as she said and we have had a 30 gram gain for todays weigh in and i am off to get some supply increasing meds now, has anyone tried these and found they helped.

I believe I have always had supply issues hence why I gave up trying with DD1 and 2 but im so desperate to make it work im willing to try anything

All because two people fell in love <3

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Post by jcw » Sun Nov 20, 2011 10:35 pm

Hi Amba,

Congratulations on your new baby.

Are you able to call a counsellor - the number is to the top right of the screen (or you could email them if that suits you better). They will be able to chat with you and help you work out a plan to increase your supply.

I know of a few mums that have found medication a useful part of increasing their supply.

Lots of skin-to-skin time, lots of feeds and trying to relax so your milk will flow will all help too.

Also, has someone explained to you about the signs to look for to know of baby getting enough milk (weight gain is only one of them, and more accurate over longer period of time). There are some good articles on the website that explain this:

Good luck!


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Post by mone » Mon Nov 21, 2011 8:16 am

yes that amount of weight loss needs action but it is not unusualy for babies to take up to 3 weeks i think?? to gain the weight and many women whose babies lose a lot of weight initially go on to successfully breastfeed so try not to feel tooo disheartened??
make sure attchement is good, feed frequently express heaps and get on the meds and herbs if you want to, rest when you can and eat and drink well call the helpline and chat it through with them to see what else might help
good on you for keeping on peservere honey you can do this
ta mone

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