The Breast Milk Omega-3 Study - Seeking Adelaide mums

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The Breast Milk Omega-3 Study - Seeking Adelaide mums

Post by mooki » Sat Oct 28, 2017 3:16 pm

The South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute's new study aims to find out how much omega-3 gets absorbed into breastmilk. If you’re planning to, or are, breastfeeding your baby, you could help SAHMRI discover how effectively omega-3 supplements are processed and transferred into breast milk.

* We are looking for breastfeeding mums with babies >4 weeks and up to 12 months (can be exclusively or partially breastfeeding)

* women are ineligible if they are already taking an omega-3 supplement, but if the supplement they’re taking is <250mg/day then they can participate if they are willing to stop (4 weeks before starting the trial)

* women will be randomised into either an omega-3 or olive oil (control) group and take 2 capsules per day for four weeks

* women will take finger prick blood samples and breastmilk samples at home during the 4 weeks of the trial (once a day for the first week and twice a week for the next three weeks)

* women will attend two appointments - one at enrolment and one at the end of the trial (at Women’s and Children’s Hospital or at their home) and phone calls/emails weekly just to check up in between and answer a few questions

* women receive $50 for being a participant at the end of the trial

If you or someone you know are interested in taking part in their study, simply email or call 0414 625 989. More details can be found here -

ABA Research Approval Number 2017-4. Women's and Children's Health Network (WCHN) Human Research Ethics Committtee Approval Number HREC/17/WCHN/37

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