Very low milk - "relactating" at 5 months?

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Very low milk - "relactating" at 5 months?

Postby Falkor » Fri Jan 31, 2014 10:54 pm

Have been reading this section of the forum - what a great place for support!

To cut a very long story short, I am trying to build a low supply. Although my son had issues latching in the beginning (and has always had a preference for a nipple shield...!) I had excellent supply & he was exclusively fed breastmilk (bf & ebm) for 10 weeks.

Rightly or wrongly, out of desperate need for more than 4 consecutive hours of sleep...I caved & gave formula at night, as it meant at least 6 hours of sleep. I was suffering quite bad anxiety at the time, so I did what I had to do to get through that time.

Fast forward a few more months & until this point we've been mix feeding quite well. Except, over time, without noticing...the supplementation has increased so he's been mostly on formula & only bf a few times a day (& me pumping sometimes during the day....if I found time).

I have returned to part time work, am exercising quite a lot & to be honest, got a bit lazy as until recently my husband has been home on holidays, enabling me to be away from baby a lot more. I thought I was ok with weaning soon....but now it's come to the crunch...I'm not! :(

So now, the quest to rebuild my supply has begun. Until last week, I could pump up to 40-50ml in a sitting, triggering a noticeable letdown still. Today, I pumped or nursed every 2-3 hrs & was luckly to be getting 10-15ml per pumping session, with no big letdown. :( Bub will still latch with a shield, but only suckle for a few minutes before either screaming or clamping down on my nipple in frustration (and then scoffing 120-150ml of formula in a bottle). Breastfeeding first thing in the morning is our most successful feed.

I have ordered an SNS...I think this will help, as it means more stimulation whilst I supplement, rather than feeding formula & pumping seperately (I used a basic one in hospital when teaching him to latch). Have been drinking lots of water, taking brewers yeast & now looking at all other options. Will ring an ABA consultant shortly!


Can I build my supply again without prescription medication?

Given I still have a small amount of milk, what are my chances of building up to at least being able to provide half his needs BF? I am not worried if I can't exclusively bf.

How helpful are herbs for increasing supply?

I think that's all my questions for now. Any ideas, help & support would be most greatly appreciated. :D
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Postby fellare » Fri Jan 31, 2014 11:04 pm

Welcome to the forum!!

There are a lot of things that may happen. So please do contact a counselor!! They will be able to talk things through more completely.

It you have had a full supply, I can't see why you couldn't build it up again. You just need to someone increase demand. It may take some time and determination.

As for getting less when expressing. A let down is regulated by oxytocin. Any stress or worry can reduce oxytocin and you get less milk out. Could this be why you got less, last time? There are a few other factors involved and, again, would be easier to discuss on the phone.
I'm sure others will come and share stories in the morning.
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Re: Very low milk - "relactating" at 5 months?

Postby Juwairia » Thu Mar 06, 2014 8:49 pm

Hi Falkor,

Good luck with your endeavor to increase your milk supply. My girl is 5 months now and I am trying to relactate after exclusively bf for 1.5 months and then introducing formula with bf and then exclusively moving to formula. I didn't know if I could establish milk supply again and due to some other reasons (a medicine I was taking) I eventually got very low supply and then it finished. I did some research on relactation and am convinced that if I try I may get to a point where I can actually build a supply to give half a day's feed through bf. So, you can definitely do it, but I think you would need a good quality electric breast pump or you could rent a hospital grade pump. I tried doing it with a manual pump, and it didn't work. Regarding prescription medication, I think as you still have a supply, you can pass that for now but I would recommend you use fenugreek seed or breast feeding support having fenugreek and blessed thistle. This has certainly helped me and I hope it does help you too.

All the best and do inform us of your progress.
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Re: Very low milk - "relactating" at 5 months?

Postby Monicat » Thu Mar 06, 2014 9:45 pm

Some good info here, good luck with it, if your supply was fine before you should be able to get it back up to a good amount. Look at paced bottle feeds too, this is better for breastfeeding babies as your bub sounds like they have definitely developed a preference from the easy flow from the bottle. A call or email to the counsellors will help you get a plan in place :) ... ow-supply/ ... e-formula/
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Re: Very low milk - "relactating" at 5 months?

Postby Monicat » Thu Mar 06, 2014 9:48 pm

Also I just wanted to say that how much you pump is in NO WAY an indication of your supply. I have exclusively breastfeed my twins but can barely get 5 or 10ml if I pump. If you are pumping, do it with the aim of stimulating the breasts to make more milk (although bub will do this more efficiently) not output.
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