8 month old its been 7 days, think his trying to self wean

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8 month old its been 7 days, think his trying to self wean

Post by twinklemylittletoes » Mon May 07, 2012 6:40 pm

Can I stop my 8 month old from weaning? I want to make it until 12 months. When he was six months I got my period and the week after my supply dropped and I thought he was going to wean but managed to get him back to feeding. The next time I got my period was 3 weeks ago and since it finished 2 weeks ago he has been trying to wean. Its at the stage where he hasnt really had any feeds for 7 days and I have hardly any milk. When I use to express I could easily get 150ml now I am lucky to get 5ml (today I managed 30ml after eating lactation cookies for the last two days). At the moment I have just been expressing by hand into the sink as often as I can as I am not getting much and my son is just refusing me. I have noticed though the last 3 nights in the middle of the night I can get him to comfort feed. I am not sure if he isnt feeding because he doesnt want me of if its because there isnt much there. So should I just give up and let him wean (i hate formula and hate how much we waste and how he screams while I prepare it) or should if try my hardest to get him back feeding and boost my supply again?

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Post by Esther » Mon May 07, 2012 6:48 pm

Hello and welcome,

Can I suggest you contact a counsellor, either by phone or email to go through what's happening for you and your little boy? There's a link in the top right hand corner of every forum screen.

It's great that you've hit on the trick of feeding when sleepy - you'd probably be amazed what he gets in that time. Our babies will always be much more efficient breast pumps!

Also, lots of skin-to-skin contact with no pressure to breastfeed can really help as well.

There's lots of other suggestions here


It's really hard to not see breast refusal as refusing you as mum, but he's not rejecting you. There may also be an issue for him as well. Could he be in pain when he's lying a particular way, or has he been unwell? Sometimes even a mildy sore throat or ear can make feeding an uncomfortable experience.

Good luck - keep us posted :D
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